Trumbull, CT: Foyer has been established with the intention of never charging home shoppers for using the app and not having advertisements for the highest bidding real estate agents. As a result, it provides a level playing field for agents by avoiding any competition for exposure or clients. Foyer was designed to expose each home buyer to a lot of listings in a short amount of time and to build excellent data for agents to make informed and detailed suggestions of homes to their clients. It saves time for agents and clients and keeps permanent records of homes and statistics for agents of their client’s searches.

While technology has slow adoption in the real estate industry, it is for good reason. Realtors are wary that tech companies are trying to eliminate their role and take their stake in the home-buying process. However, technology is swiftly moving into the market nevertheless. The technology disruption in real estate has extended as far as the algorithm-driven home-flipping companies called “iBuyers.” They include companies like Zillow, Opendoor, and Offerpad, which have begun to act as buyers, sellers and even mortgage brokerages. Companies like these are hoping to revolutionize the industry by dealing directly with homebuyers without any assistance from brokerages.

Foyer is a realtor-first, realtor-centric platform that provides the service of collecting and analyzing client and listing data, empowering realtors to make the most capable decisions for their clients. The best results in the real estate market will be achieved by creating more informed clients and more equipped realtors. The technology that Foyer provides does exactly that: home shoppers see more houses in a shorter amount of time, and that data improves the ability of the realtor to keep track of more clients and to find them homes that suit them best. Agent and client relationships will only be strengthened with more data shared between them.