While Zillow Pushes to Replace Real Estate Agents, Foyer Aims to Enhance Them

Trumbull, CT: Foyer has been established with the intention of never charging home shoppers for using the app and not having advertisements for the highest bidding real estate agents. As a result, it provides a level playing field for agents by avoiding any competition for exposure or clients. Foyer was designed to expose each home buyer to a lot of listings in a short amount of time and to build excellent data for agents to make informed and detailed suggestions of homes to their clients. It saves time for agents and clients and keeps permanent records of homes and statistics for agents of their client’s searches. While technology has slow adoption in the real estate industry, it is for good [...]

AI & Real Estate

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are progressing rapidly, and many industries are succumbing to the data-focused world. While traditionally slow to adapt to innovation, the real estate sector is no exception. So, what is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? AI makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks. Think: self-driving cars, like Tesla; voice-activated personal assistants and smart home hubs, like Siri and Alexa; even the predictive technology used by Netflix and Pandora to tailor your recommendations. While we have just scratched the surface in what is possible with AI, there are already many benefits. AI automates repetitive learning and discovery through data. It can perform frequent, high-volume, computerized tasks with incredible accuracy [...]