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Foyer, built to bring the Real Estate industry to a new level powered by artificial intelligence.

Technology Built to Elevate the Real Estate Industry

Foyer combines live listing data and unsupervised machine learning into an unprecedented Artificial Intelligence tool trained specifically for the real estate industry. This tool, among others, allows Foyer to even the playing field for agents and brokers. Find out how to create a more robust home buying experience that enhances your unique brand.

Who is Foyer?

Foyer is a PropTech development company based in Connecticut whose mission is to help the U.S. Real Estate industry evolve the home buying process using more innovative and intuitive tools designed to help both real estate agents and home buyers. Foyer's elite team of AI developers have pushed unsupervised machine learning and multi-classification tools to a new level. Their proprietary, deep learning technology is highly scalable, reliable, and can be seamlessly integrated with any realty company's existing functionality.

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We love to develop new solutions for all sorts of use cases. Foyer's development team will focus directly on what you and your company hope to accomplish and is available to help make sure that integrating our software is hassle free.

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