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Mocking HTTP Payloads in Hapi.js

15 Sep 2020 - Melanie Dworak

Routed HTTP requests are a key element of any Hapi application. Unfortunately, the request/response payloads that Hapi automatically generates cannot be intuitively stubbed out. As a result, it’s difficult to manually write inputs for our unit tests.

A Study of Unit Testing

03 Sep 2020 - Melanie Dworak

In the process of building our Artificial Intelligence program, we the developers at Foyer Inc. knew that we had to find a streamlined and efficient way of testing our software and its individual units of source code. However, unit testing around databases gets complicated fast.

Shifting the Focus of Real Estate Shopping Toward Millennials

06 Mar 2020 - Rob Cowan

With an age group encroaching on their late 30s, Millennials have taken over almost every industry and their buying power has grown substantially within the last decade. Whether it be dining, entertainment, or even personal relationships, companies are being forced to see the way their products are brought to market through a new perspective. Applications and customer experience portals are the norm now as customization and reliability are key to keeping this growing demographic anchored to their services.