Featured Product: PropTech and the Future of Real Estate

15 Mar 2021 - Glenn Felson

In his blog, PropTech and the Future of Real Estate, Glenn Felson wrote about his opinion of Foyer and its place in the evolution of Real Estate Technology:

Featured Product

Each week I plan to showcase a featured product or service. My criteria for selecting each week’s featured product is that I will only include solutions which I have personally used and has met one of the following:

  • increase my own productivity
  • best-in-class
  • truly unique and innovative

This week’s solution is Foyer.

Foyer uses AI to help the Real Estate industry evolve the home buying process using innovative and intuitive tools designed to help both agents and home buyers. Their proprietary, deep learning technology is highly scalable, reliable, and can be seamlessly integrated with any real estate company’s existing functionality.

Artificial Intelligence has become a boon in almost every industry over the last few years, yet real estate has been slow to embrace it. According to Foyer: “Perhaps the hesitation has been due to a concern that the technology would eventually eliminate the need for agents, but we believe that the relationship between agent and home buyer is critical. We use AI to empower agents, not replace them.” Foyer Insight is computer vision AI built exclusively for the real estate industry. Trained on over 300 million unique listings and with the ability to learn from every new listing that it processes, Foyer Insight has the capability to bring a massive wealth of data to any user. The Custom Object Detection feature allows you to know everything about a property; from its wooden floors, to its stainless steel appliances, to even the views outside of the windows with just the images provided. You can immediately validate that every listing is up to quality standards while receiving red flags for missing data, poor image quality, or even duplicates. Their automatic captions feature gives your images a massive jolt in SEO. Real Estate as an industry is at the forefront of a massive technological evolution and Foyer Insight is built to be the foundation.

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